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Qualities of a good B2B eCommerce solution

Whether you want to venture into the B2B eCommerce or you just intent to advance to a higher level of eCommerce in 2018, it is essential to find the best solution for your requirements. Shopify is one of the companies that can help get the solution you seek.  Here are some of the factors to look at when finding the best B2B eCommerce platform to you.


As your business grows, your eCommerce solution will also need to develop. Furthermore, you need to be confident that you can manage to handle the high online demand without maintaining surplus capacity. Note that cloud-based on-demand platforms like Shopify plays a vital role in helping you accommodate high online demand.

  1. User experience

One of the essential aspects of any B2B website is the quality of the user experience. Choosing a B2B platform with superior quality templates will enhance the appearance of your site. A website with a simple-to-use-dashboard means that you’ll easily update and maintain quality content.

  1. Responsiveness

Most buyers are opting to use their smartphones when doing business-related searches, and for this reason, your website must be responsive. Speed is essential, so you need to make sure your site delivers extremely fast response time for smartphone or tablet users. Note that Google has started to roll out its mobile-first index and this will make the quality of mobile content to affect your desktop website rankings.

  1. Customer support

Self-service is another top priority for the millennial B2B buyer. Recent research indicates that close to 75% of B2B buyers prefer self-serves access than the account or placing the order. For instance, Shopify comes with an option that allows you to make your online shop public or limit the purchase to buyers with accounts. Clients can write remarks and specify options.

  1. Integration and operation

Incorporating your B2B eCommerce platform with your company system will help you enhance the effectiveness and quality of customer support. Shopify comes with a RESTful API that allows easy integration with leading business models.  Protection of data is essential, and you will need to be confident that you have met the required standards. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) has set compliance standards that protect the information of the organization. It ensures that business will handle the data about clients and their payments in a secure manner.

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