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How to find the best B2B eCommerce Platform

While the B2B ecommerce has been in existence for a long time, its standards are not up to the current standards set by B2C. B2B owners have started to notice the opportunities in the B2B ecommerce. According to recent research, many entrepreneurs claim that ecommerce like Shopify is the best digital investment sector that is analytically vital for sales. Similar to the B2C firms, B2B owners should be available where their buyers hang out. This means that they must online, and to be successful in the online arena, one must concentrate on the client experience.

Bear in mind that the type of B2B ecommerce platform you select will affect the kind of experience you create for your clients. For this reason, finding the best B2B ecommerce platform is an important task.

  • Choosing the best B2B ecommerce platform

When it comes to looking for the best B2B platform, these are the things you need to concentrate on.


Bear in mind that the B2B selling process is not the same as that of B2C. This is because B2B companies have complexities and prerequisites when selling to other companies.  Your platform should meet these specific needs.  Make sure you find a platform that offers functionality like:

  • Responsive design

Online clients tend to use different gadgets to search and purchase what they want. For instance, they will use their tablet or smartphone to check the prices but will opt to complete the purchase on a laptop. The platform you choose must be designed to accommodate this type of the buyer. Your web-content must render well in several devices. This allows your buyers to browse and complete the buying process easier.

  • Self-service

Clients will love it when you allow them to search info and find a solution to different problems by themselves. The ecommerce platform you choose should offer them the prowess to do be independent. Buyers should be able to get shipping details, trace their orders, accept or decline quotes and manage their account when they are required.

  • PCI Security

 Every ecommerce seller must comply with the PCI security. It guarantees that your client’s payment card details are secure when they are making a purchase. Based on the platform you choose, this could be considered as your responsibility. Some cloud-based platform will offer you this security because the data is stored in their system. For other hosted security solutions, the B2B companies will be responsible in ensuring that all the conditions for PCI compliance are followed to the letter. You need to make sure that your payment channels comply with industry standards.

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