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eCommerce Platforms to help you Build Your Own Online Store

An eCommerce software platform is a system that allows online stores owners to run their sites and sales operations. A reliable eCommerce platform will let clients purchase goods from your online shop. Note that these solutions tend to differ in the level to which they can integrate and leverage both front and back office application with personal and distributed data. B2B eCommerce platforms like Shopify deliver the unification of important business process. In this case, merchants can take advantage of complete presence over their organizations and ultimately meet the expectation of their clients.

There are a couple of alternatives in the market if you intend to produce direct sales from your site. Opening an online shop is one of the greatest decisions that any entrepreneur can have for launching a startup. Nevertheless, as easy as it is to start an online shop now, it has become hard to find the best B2B eCommerce platform to use.

Furthermore, the majority of these platforms come with different rate to cater to a broad range of eCommerce industry. Some platform tends to provide a free version to lure more clients. In most cases, platforms accessible at low cost will lack special features and add-ons. For this reason, business with specific requirements will need to pay more to make sure they get all the special features required in their online store.

Day in day out, the advancement in the eCommerce technology and the ever raising completion in online stores has enhanced the contentment that people have concerning eCommerce platforms. Currently, offering a simple set, some level of customization and addition of standard components is never enough. A good online store must have things like mobile friendliness, social media incorporation, SEO, perfect user experience, apart for content marketing and customer support. Here are some of the best platforms to consider.

  • Shopify

This is leading cloud-hosted multi-channel e-commerce software designed for small and mid-sized business. Retails can use the platform to create, install, set up and run their online shops across different channels such as marketplaces, mobile, social media and affiliate programs. With this platform, retailer benefit from a robust back-office and a single view of their enterprise.

  • Magento

The majority of online shop owners claim that Magento B2B eCommerce platform is also the best platform for their business. This platform enjoys some market monopoly since over 20% of all online shops are designed to use Magento only. The platform is intended to be used in different language and supports a wide range of currencies.

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